Services Overview

Our Approach

Our goal is to provide holistic financial planning around the big three aspects of money:

    • Tax Preparation
    • Investment Management
    • Insurance Services

We give each customer the time and attention they need to maximize their success by providing a small hometown feel to our financial services.

Copperthite Capital Management | Arthur Copperthite, Las Vegas, Nevada

Financial Planning Services

We begin by helping you clarify the vision of your future and then put it in writing. Then we work our way back to today and determine your best action items to succeed. Our goal is that you enjoy life and provide with balance between today and tomorrow.

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Investment Management Services

Our threefold philosophy is:

    • Liquidity
    • Volatility
    • Income

Our responsibility is to consider worst case scenario’s so you do not have to. Then we invest best on:

    1. Your ability to access funds (liquidity)
    2. The up’s and downs (volatility)
    3. Your personal streams of income.

More about our investment management services

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